There is no better or more impactful way to influence the education profession than to be part of our professional organization of education professionals with a passion and a driving commitment for continuous improvement.

Educational unions can, and do, have greater positive influence on the quality of our schools than school boards, administrators, politicians, or anyone else.

Now more than ever, it is important that we stand strong together and fight for a better future for our profession, our schools and our children. 


Enrollment cannot be done online because we have to have the member’s signature in order to have dues deducted.

If you would like to join HCTA, please print the “HCTA Payroll Deduction Enrollment Card” listed below, fill it out and sign it. Please mail the original to us via school mail or USPS.

HCTA Payroll Deduction Enrollment Card


School mail address:


Route #1


USPS address:

Hillsborough Classroom Teachers Association

3102 North Habana Avenue

Tampa, FL 33607