Read Stephanie Baxter-Jenkins’ 2012 end-of-session legislative update here:

Spring 2012 – State of Florida Legislative Update

Knowing who the legislators are who have a significant impact on our professional lives and on public education is an important piece of the puzzle when it comes to effective advocacy. Below are some important lists of delegations and committees with links to the main pages for each legislator.

Hillsborough Legislative Delegation – 2013

Chair: Dana Young (R – District 57)
Vice-Chair: John Legg (R – District 17)

Senate Members:

John Legg (R – District 17)
Arthenia Joyner (D – District 19)
Jim Norman (R – District 22)
Tom Lee (R – District 24)
Bill Galvano (R – District 26)
House Members:
Jake Raburn (R – District 57)
Dan Raulerson (R – District 58)
Ross Spano (R – District 59)
Dana Young (R – District 60)
Betty Reed (D – District 61)
Janet Cruz (D – District 62)
Mark Danish (D – District 63)
James Grant (R – District 64)
Darryl Rouson (D – District 70)

Key Legislative Committees – 2013

Senate Education Committee
House Education Committee
Senate Education Appropriations Subcommittee
House Education Appropriations Subcommittee
Joint Legislative Budget Committee
Joint Select Committee on Collective Bargaining