Hillsborough CTA provides free professional development opportunities for teachers and ESPs throughout the year. Aside from specific trainings, such as “Unpacking the Rubric” and “Certified Rep Training”, we also host at least two learning conferences each year; one geared towards teachers and one geared toward ESPs.

HCTA also partnered with the district to create the Center for Technology and Education (CTechEd), also known as the Hillsborough Consortium for Technology and Education. CTechEd empowers teachers with new skills through professional development courses developed and facilitated by their peers. Our innovative approach to teacher driven and teacher-led professional development has earned recognition through grant funding from the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) Innovation Fund. The focus on teachers helping teachers exemplifies HCTA’s commitment to providing high quality services to members.

CTechEd currently offers nine online professional development courses. Since 2005 over 7200 teachers from districts around the state of Florida have completed one or more courses, earning over 185,000 hours of professional development credit. CTechEd also offers classes as part of the Intel Teach and Intel Elements courses
and provides access to Microsoft IT Academy online courses for all employees of Hillsborough County Public Schools.

If you are searching for professional development information specifically related to the EET Rubric, the district’s “Next Steps” web page provides resources (books, web links, podcasts, and trainings) that helps you enhance your practice as a teacher. The web site allows you to easily search for books, classes and videos to help you improve in each specific domain. The web site is updated regularly, so check back frequently for new content.