Hillsborough CTA Directors are elected by groups that are numbered one (1) through ten (10) with even and odd groups elected in rotating cycles. Groups 1through 7 are designated for teacher candidates and are elected by teachers only; groups 8 through 10 are designated for ESP candidates and are elected by ESP members only.

HCTA Executive Board:

President: Rob Kriete
Vice-President: Johnny Green
Secretary-Treasurer: Valerie Chuchman
District 1: Sabrina Gates-McCarthy, Instructional
District 2: Hiedi Glick, Instructional
District 3: Julie Hiltz, Instructional
District 4: Kathy Hockman, Instructional
District 5: Kelvin Wright, Instructional
District 6: Emily Lee, Instructional
District 7: Maridea Groves, Instructional
District 8: Katherine Burdge, ESP
District 9: Cara Martin-Howard, ESP
District 10: Christine Kokoska, ESP
FEA Governance Board – Seat: Rob Kriete (President)
FEA Governance Board – Seat 1: Vacant
FEA Governance Board – Seat 2: Vacant
FEA Governance Board – Seat 3: Linda Perdue

HCTA Staff:
Interim Executive Director: Paula Haggerty 
Financial Administrator/Office Manager: Tamica Thomas Simpson
Member Services Specialist: Rachelle Frierson Brown 

Member Services Specialist: Tara Gonzalez
Member Services Specialist: Vincent Jones
Member Services Specialist: Pam Jufko
Member Services Specialist: Missy Keller
Member Services Specialist: Erin Morgan
Member Services Specialist: David Peacock
Member Services Specialist:

Secretary: Sherry Gunn
Member Processing: Lisa Lopez
Building Superintendent: Danny Gonzalez
Receptionist: Xiomara Martinez 

CTech-Ed Staff:

Director: Sabrina Gates-McCarthy

You may click on any of the names highlighted in blue to send an email to that person. If you have a question and are not sure which Member Services person to contact, please click on the link below to locate your school and the Staff Rep (AKA Member Services Specialist) assigned to your school.