CTA Board Elections

February 1, 2021
NEA RA Qualifying Period
March 8, 2021

CTA Board Elections

The following Officer and Board positions were elected by acclamation at our January Rep Council:

President: Rob Kriete
Secretary-Treasurer: Valerie Chuchman
District 2: Hiedi Glick, Instructional
District 8: Katherine Burdge, ESP
District 10: Christine Kokoska, ESP
FEA Seat 1: Noelle Rodriguez, Instructional
FEA Seat 3: Dr. Linda Hill Perdue, Instructional

In the District 6 election one of the two candidates withdrew and we expect Emily Lee to be elected by acclamation at our February Rep Council.

The Election for the remaining 2 positions (District 4 and FEA Seat 2) will open on February 15, 2021 and proceed according to the instructions in the document below.

By Constitution, the Vice Presidential election will follow the conclusion of this election.

Candidates for District 4 (teacher) and FEA Board of Directors Seat 2 will speak at the February 11th Council Meeting.

For voting instructions, please follow this link.